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The following therapies complement each other perfectly, and so I generally use them in conjunction with one another to gain the best result for you. 


More information about my coaching can be found on Coaching with Sophie


I see each person as completely individual, and so I always follow the symptoms and messages the body is giving, to find the path to healing that is going to work best for you.


Homeopathy is a safe, gentle system of medicine.

As a homeopath, my aim us to support you as an individual, rather than just treat a list of symptoms or an illness in isolation.

Homeopathy works by stimulating the body to heal itself, taking into account the unique mental, emotional and physical traits of each individual person.  In this respect Homeopathy is a process of supporting the body to optimum health and not an overnight cure.  Remedies can be used to improve acute symptoms, but long-term commitment to a health by taking remedies regularly will enhance the body's ability to remain physically and emotionally well.

Homeopathy also offers a health-enhancing method of preventing disease,  helping people achieve an overall better level of health.

Homeopathic Medicine
Picture of DNA strand for bioresonance


The theory of bioresonance is based on bio-physics.

The body is tested and treated on the basis of its biological energy fields, using electromagnetic feedback from your body to identify problems.

I use CoRe Inergetix and Quantum technology to compliment my use of homeopathy and nutritional supplements, as part of my practice.

The electromagnetic feedback allows me to identify what the body sees as a priority, so that I can best prescribe the right remedies and nutritional supplements, when they are most required.

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Life coaching has been around for many years and was a buzz word for some time.  Coaching has moved on over time and more specific coaches are now honing their skills to better help those seeking support.  In fact, I see myself as more of a mentor than a coach!

Having spent many decades supporting women from teenagers through to older women through various times of transition in their lives, I went on to study and qualify in coaching, with a special interest in trauma and its effects on all aspects of the mind, body and spirit with a view to helping others to bring about clarity and balance within their own bodies and minds.  

By being completely present in the coaching process, I work closely with each client to help bring clarity for each individual focusing on what they are aiming to achieve. Sometimes this is just short term1:1 support, helping to support them through a difficult time, bringing closure and balance.  For others it is the need to find focus and achieve goals.  Together we then set realistic and measurable goals using various tools and methods.

For mentoring/coaching I offer various packages, so please do get in touch to discuss these with me or visit my coaching website here



These holistic remedies help to clear your body of toxins which have been either ingested, inhaled or absorbed, allowing your body able to function more efficiently on its own.

Vitamins, minerals and enzymes in the herbs help to nourish and rebuild your immune system, which in turn helps your body to rebuild and create a better sense of wellbeing.

Homeobotanical Therapy has been designed to treat most acute and chronic health conditions, bringing you back into balance, naturally.

Nurtitional Support
Herbal Remedies

Nutritional Support

Our energy, overall physical vitality and zest for life are directly influenced by what we consume.

We cannot expect our bodies to remain fit, strong and healthy if we do not give it access good quality foods and supplements on a daily basis.

More and more I have found, in my practice, that we as humans are becoming increasing deficient in the right vitamins and minerals to enable our bodies to operate at their optimum.

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