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Homeopathy - a one size fits all approach to healing

Homeopathy is increasing in popularity as people become more discerning about their health and the choices they make in deciding what approach they take in maintaining their physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing.

In fact, it doesn’t matter if you are human, animal, fish or even plant. Homeopathy works for one and all.

I’m often asked by pet owners for advice on how to support their four-legged family members with remedies, and gardeners are also now adding remedies to their repertoire alongside plant food to improve the growth of flowers and plants without the use of chemicals.

I was amazed by how many websites there are for keen gardeners who use homeopathy throughout the year to help with germination, growth and improving problems such as fungal growth on cherry trees, to pesky aphids on roses.

Homeopathy can treat any living thing and any presenting symptom. It doesn’t matter if the patient has skin, fur, scales or leaves, Homeopathy can help to bring health and wellbeing for one and all.

With gratitude

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