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Homeopathy and The Art of Listening

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

During most homeopathy sessions with me, patients exclaim 'wow you ask a lot of random questions!'

It's true that a Homeopath looks at areas that are unexpected, examining all aspects of our mental, emotional and spiritual lives as well as the physical ailment you might have originally sought help with.

Most GP's surgery have a sign on the wall that states:


I’m sure many GPs would love to be able to spend 45 mins or more with each of their patients as Homeopaths do. That extra time allows a Homeopath to really listen and understand each individual who seeks help and work through the many layers of life that brought them to the place they now find themselves in physically, mentally and emotionally.

In counselling, the raw material of the client's 'stuff' is identified to analyse, understand and hopefully move through. In homeopathy, the facts are laid out by the patient so we can both see what we are working with and towards. We then look to match a remedy to the information that has been presented to us.

Often, some suggestions are given (for example, taking some supplements or improving food choices) but in general the 'work' is down to the remedy and the patient’s own energy.

As humans we are often suspicious or cautious of sharing our life experiences and traumas, for fear of judgment or just not wishing to vocalise them and relive them. In this respect Homeopathy can still help to support and heal these traumas as the importance in choosing the right remedy to help is linked to the emotions each patient attaches to their experience. Homeopaths often work with the term ‘ailments from’ leaving the patient to fill in the gaps, albeit it with words and emotions such as grief, anger, resentment, humiliation. That one word can give a Homeopath enough basis to start to form a plan of how best to support each individual who seeks support.

Homeopathy can be a useful tool to complement counselling where issues have been ingrained in the persons psyche, as the person can often combine the understanding of the issue at a deeper level and move on with their life with more enthusiasm and positivity.

Many of my patients say that their life has been transformed thanks to homeopathy (and not just their physical symptoms). Remedies have helped patients who suffer from social anxiety, stage fright, unresolved anger, grief and depression. All without needing to unpick and analyse each trauma if an individual isn’t in a place in life that they feel ready to address it.

With gratitude

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