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Homeopathy For Exam Stress

With exam season approaching, many parents are reaching out to me to offer some support to their children who are suffering with exam stress.

Although homeopathy can’t guarantee an A in every subject, a well selected homeopathic remedy can take the edge off feeling anxious, overwhelmed and overworked so that students can cope with the stress of exams without feeling dopey or weird!

When deciding which remedy to choose, always aim to find the one that fits the person, not the problem. My top remedies for anxiety and stress are noted below, so can be used for anyone experiencing stress an anxiety.

Gelsemium the number one remedy for pre-exam jitters, especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious and weak – like you’re not up to the task or you feel incapable. Not only can it help the brain fog and memory loss that comes with feeling panicky, it can help settle sleep and reduce the number of trips to the loo! Gelsemium is my top remedy for examination anxiety, but it can also be used just before an upcoming performance.

Nux vomica the number one remedy for colds and tension headaches from lack of sleep and overwork. Nux is also the number one remedy for hangovers, so whether you actually have a hangover or you just feel like one, this remedy will get you back to the books faster.

Aconite the number one remedy for panic attacks. Panic attacks appear more and more common these days and the intense pressure on students. If anxiety becomes so overwhelming that it leads to a full blown panic attack, with heart palpitations, difficulty taking a deep breath and a feeling like ‘you are going to die’. Aconite, taken every 15 minutes or so during an attack can help bring you back to feeling balanced again.

Dosage: For the intensity of a panic attack, take Aconite 30 frequently, every 15 minutes for 3 doses, then as needed. This remedy should act fast, helping take the edge off the panic even within a dose or two. For Nux vomica, take according to the intensity of symptoms, typically every 2 hours for 3 doses and then 3x daily until feeling 95% improvement. For Gelsemium, start once you feel anxious, repeating according to the intensity. For exams I often find starting the night before helpful, repeating the next morning and then again just before the exam. Some people find they need a little more and others a little less. You’ll notice that the remedies don’t take the fear away completely, but just help it feel manageable, so the ordeal is not as intense and doesn’t prevent you from accomplishing your goals.

Research: There is a lovely research study carried out in a French hospital on using Aconite for children experiencing pain and panic with 95% positive results! The study concludes that Aconite would be useful in every recovery room and could be in every medical physician’s emergency kit!

Other Remedies:

Schuessler cell salt Kali phos 6x can be taken over a stressful period of time to help support the nervous system, leaving you feeling more balanced in times of stress. Because of the low potency, you won’t feel the effects immediately, but rather over time, and for this reason, I recommend these Schuessler mineral salts be taken three to four times daily as a “nerve tonic.”

Bach Flower Rescue remedy: this is a flower essence combination that is very gentle and can be used repeatedly, daily even, through periods of stress and times of panic. Bach Flower remedies are a lovely adjunct, won’t conflict with the remedies and can be taken daily over a stressful period of time. Unlike the Schuessler cell salt Kali phos 6x, it doesn’t act as a nervous system support, but will work in the moment to help bring you back to feeling more balanced.

With gratitude

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