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Homeopathy for Horses

Anyone who knows me, knows that my favourite place to be is at the yard with my horse (with the dog close by!). Alongside the benefit of my mobile not having a great signal allowing me a moment or two of peace, the therapeutic benefits of being outside and with such amazing sentient beings makes even the most difficult of days more positive.

All my animals are supported with Homeopathy and Homeobotanical herbs and I am often asked by other horse owners if I can help them prescribe for their own four-legged friends.

In the UK, you can only treat animals if you are a vet, or have received specific permission from a vet, and more and more vets are turning to complimentary therapies to support their conventional treatment of animals. In fact, my own vet often introduces me to his student vets as the witch who makes his annual hay fever remedy!

As an animal owner however, you are able to decide on what treatments your animal is given and more and more owners are turning to Homeopathy and other natural forms of therapy to support the more conventional therapies.

One of the great things about supporting animals is that they give unbiased feedback! As humans we often forget how ill we felt or how much pain we were in. An animal’s response to remedies is clear to see by their owners, who often know their pets better than they know themselves!

There are lots of books available to owners of animals and a number of associations that support professionals and owners in treating their own animals with homeopathy. Homeopathy At Wellie Level is one in particular that works with farmers wanting to cutdown on the amount of antibiotics given to cattle etc. Cam4Animals also offer an invaluable resource for those wanting to use complimentary therapies alongside standard veterinary treatments.

How on earth does Homeopathy work?

Homeopathy has been used around the world since the 1800’s. The remedies are made mostly from plants and minerals that have been diluted to the point where there are no active molecules left in the solution. Their actions on horses are therefore very different from that of medications or even nutritional supplements and herbs. Instead of altering, changing or influencing your horse’s molecules and chemical pathways, homeopathy sends information to the cells through vibration.

Every organism, plant and chemical on the planet has an energy and frequency associated with it and this frequency carries information to the body to stimulate a healing response.

Stay with me on this one!

Homeopathic remedies work with the body’s natural chemistry instead of forcing an unnatural biochemical change like medications do. As such they can be used safely for many conditions:

Here are just a few of the many benefits of using homeopathy for your horses:

  • They are safe to use on all horses including:

    • Foals

    • Pregnant mares

    • Lactating mares

    • Horse’s taking medication

  • No harmful side effects. Homeopathy doesn’t induce a chemical response and they don’t interact with chemicals of any kind, including medications, de-wormers, or vaccinations.

  • Fast-acting first-aid relief. The right remedy can typically work within minutes. They can be very convenient when your horse is experiencing acute discomfort.

  • Not tested on animals. Homeopathic remedies are only tested on healthy humans to determine their range of action.

As with humans, remedies are specifically chosen for a particular condition based on the signs and symptoms they are exhibiting. For example:

Arnica Montana: Bruising, swelling, and inflammation.

Rhus Toxidendron: Sprained or strained ligaments and tendons

Belladonna: Fever, reducing heat in an area such as hooves for laminitis

Nux Vomica: Bloating caused by inappropriate feeds, over-eating

There are so many benefits to using homeopathy for horses and homeopathic medicine is a vast and fascinating topic that can provide your horses with a natural, safe and effective option when they need it.

If you or a group of friends would like some help and advice in becoming confident in prescribing remedies for your horse (or dog!) do get in touch.

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