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Homeopathy for Injuries

I think we can all agree that having an injury of any sort, as well as being painful can be a real inconvenience.

Of course, injuries vary in severity, you can have minor cuts, bruises, burns and sprains at one end of the scale, and at the other broken bones, and other severe injuries which not only have a physical effect but also an emotional one.

In some instances, we require medical intervention but not always and there are also aspects of injuries that the medical world could not help with, such as the shock element. This is where homeopathy is totally invaluable.

Many of my clients find it useful to have a few remedies to hand in their bathroom cabinet for when they are in training for something or know they will be spending a lot of time in the garden weeding!

So, let’s look at my top 3 remedies to have in easy reach.

Arnica is the best remedy for shock, bruising, sprains or trauma of any kind
It’s also great for:
  • Head injuries

  • Blows to any part of the body

  • Blunt wounds (not bleeding wounds)

  • Used immediately and first after any trauma or injury to the body

  • Aversion to being touched; they will say they are ok, when they are clearly not.

Rhus Tox is great for muscle aches and pains as well as:
  • Restlessness and uneasiness causing you to move around.

  • Gripping or clutching pains.

  • Stiff, lame and bruised feeling.

  • Sciatica and back pain.

  • Knee injury and pain from overuse and inflammation.

  • Plantar fasciitis or bone spurs or heel pain.

  • Worse on first motion, then better with continued motion.

  • Worse from cold damp weather, so can be good for arthritis pain

  • Better warmth, gentle motion, massage.

And finally, Ruta, for deep aching pains and bruising to the bone, along with
  • Excellent for torn and wrenched tendons.

  • Use after being kicked in the shin or have tennis elbow

  • For stiffness and inflexibility of muscles.

  • For loss of elasticity of muscles and tendons.

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome with overuse injuries of typists, musicians, computer programmers and other people who use their wrists excessively.

  • Used for eyestrain, ganglion cysts.

  • Worse in cold, wet weather. Worse by overexertion.

  • Better with gentle movement and warmth.

The emotional shock from an injury or trauma can sit in the system for years (and stop the body from working correctly) and homeopathy can help with this by prescribing remedies for the emotional response to the trauma.

There is a vast array of remedies that can help with the healing of soft tissue, cartilage and ligaments, not just the 3 I’ve discussed, it’s possible to have a bespoke set of remedies made up that fits your individual needs for supporting injuries and many people contact me regularly for a top up supply for their individual injury mix!

As such, homeopathy can offer an alternative to strong painkillers and ant-inflammatory medication to deal with inflammation, pain and swelling without side effects.

If you’d like to be more prepared in the event of injuries then do get in touch to discuss a personalised bespoke approach to support you and your family.

With gratitude

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