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How is stress affecting you?

Stress and trauma - something I see every week in clinic and whether it’s a client coming to see me for homeopathy, or for coaching, a large part of what needs to be healed is unresolved stress and trauma.

Although we can all cope with some stress in our lives, indeed many of us need a low level of stress to drive us forwards, chronic stressors and unresolved trauma and the effect this has on our cortisol levels and our nervous system moves us into a chronic state of ‘fight or flight’ or ‘survivor mode’.

This in turn puts a huge stress on our emotional and physical bodies.

With more acknowledgement of generational trauma, we are not just dealing with our own every day stress and the impact of traumas, but also the stress handed down through family dynamics and patterns of behaviour etc.

Complementary therapies have recognised this for many centuries and now science is also recognising that stress/trauma/dysfunction/abuse/neglect can be related to a range of chronic health conditions including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, asthma. The list goes on and on.

Stress and trauma are also the cause of many more minor complaints that have no rational or diagnosable explanation. Again, the cause can be seen as the constant suppression of the immune system, because our brain and nervous system response is so busy trying to manage the stress.

Until such time we feel able to understand and heal from our trauma (regardless of how long ago it was) our bodies will continue to become sicker and sicker in its cry for help.

Complimentary therapies are primed to help in the healing process, because our aim is always to find the aetiology of a symptom rather than just treat the presenting symptom picture.

We do this by considering you as a whole person, looking back through your life and what triggers there may be that have led you to where you are now on in your physical and emotional health. In addition, your hereditary and generational ‘weak spots’ will help us to identify a possible route of dis-ease that you may continue down through in the future, so that we can start to support the correct vital organs and ensure your physical and emotional body work together to find balance.

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