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Summer has arrived!

Well, as I sat to write this the sun had been out for over a week and typically now, we have torrential rain for the next week or more!

Many of us have been short of Vitamin D this year with the country moving from one lockdown to another, but we need to replenish our Vitamin D levels as it is essential for calcium metabolism in the body and mineralization of bones. A lack of vitamin D also affects our mood and for some people taking a Vitamin D supplement in winter can improve symptoms of seasonal depression (SAD). Vitamin D is not found naturally in many foods but fatty fish oils and some margarines contain it.

There are many homeopathic remedies which are helpful in the summer, whether you are travelling abroad or having a staycation. Remedies can be bought from Helios Pharmacy ( or ask your homeopath!


If you travelling to a country where the water quality is poor or your diet is going to change, it’s worth buying a probiotic from a health food shop and taking one capsule a day for 3 days before you travel and then one a day while you are on holiday. This will really help in keeping your gut healthy. There are a couple of remedies to consider having to hand too.

Take Arsenicum Album for sickness and diarrhoea if you have eaten something that has turned your stomach

China is good for dehydration especially after diarrhoea/sickness or sunstroke.


Obviously avoiding sunburn is the preferred option, but if you happen to burn, then any cream or lotion containing Aloe Vera or Calendula will soothe any rawness and keep skin hydrated.

Remedy wise, it is worth considering Cantharis or Sol. These will help the skin heal and alleviate the burning sensation. Take either remedy 3 times a day for 3 or 4 days.


There are lots of remedies that may be indicated for headaches depending on the individual, but for pounding sun headaches where the head feels like it’s going to explode Glonoinum is a great option.

Belladonna is my go-to remedy for Sun Stroke, alongside drinking plenty of water and keeping cool. Always consider seeking medical assistance if you have a severe headache or symptoms of sunstroke.


This is a rash of spots or blisters that can occur in hot temperatures which can be itchy, prickly or stinging. I used to suffer from this when I was younger and it would spoil many a sunny day! The two remedies I recommend for this are: Urtica Urens or Histaminum (homoeopathic Histamine). A few doses of either over a 24 hour period should calm the rash.

A few other remedies to consider having with you are:

Arnica: the number one remedy for accidents, shock, exhaustion, jetlag, swelling, bruising, and is the first remedy to take after any accident.

Cocculus: If you know you suffer with travel sickness, take this remedy half an hour before you travel and every 2 hours until you reach your destination. If you feel nauseous during your journey, take every 15 minutes until you feel better, then every 2 hours until you arrive

Nux Vom: For Hangovers!

Take a dose before you go out in the evening and then another dose when you get home before you go to bed. Don’t forget to also drink a big glass of water before you go to bed!

There are many more remedies to consider having to hand for the summer. If you’re going away, hopefully the above information will be useful to you and also to those, who like me will be enjoying a staycation while we wait for some level of normality to arrive in the world!

With gratitude

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