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Supercharge Your Health with A Homeopathic Detox & Cleanse

Supercharge Your Health with A Homeopathic Detox & Cleanse

With summer looming now is a great time to consider making improvements to your health.

Homeopathy is a great solution to help cleanse and revitalise your system, increase your energy and help your body cleanse itself of toxins and revitalise organs.

The Challenges of Detoxing

Most of us will attempt to detox by “giving up” rich foods, cigarettes, chocolates and alcohol. We might also introduce more healthy organic foods and drink lots of water.

While this is a great start to a detox and is often enough to get some people back to feeling great, for many it will be insufficient in creating dramatic change due to an accumulation of toxins that the body is already unable to process.

Some of this is down to food choices, but is compounded with constant exposure to environmental pollution, food additives, processed foods, pesticides and medications which puts stress on our body.

Our body has a powerful and sophisticated detoxification process that works to neutralize and excrete toxins. The organs involved in this process include the kidneys, liver, lungs, digestive and lymphatic system and the skin. If these organs and systems are overloaded and congested with toxins, the excess accumulation causes problems.

Signs and symptoms of toxicity manifest in many ways and may include:

· Tiredness · Restlessness · Irritability · Anger, Depression · Headaches · Puffy eyes · Skin rashes · Hair Loss · Hormonal imbalances · Concentration difficulties

· Dizziness · Aching joints · Poor Circulation · Digestive problems including gas and bloating · Sleep problems · Allergies · Overly sensitive immune response · Frequent colds and flu · Inability to lose weight · Candida and recurrent yeast infections · Apathy and lack of vitality

Benefits of a Personalised Homeopathy Detox Programme

Detoxification means the process of removing toxic substances from the body and it takes place every day.

Homeopathy offers an excellent support in detoxing as the remedies used stimulate the body’s own natural elimination and detoxing process in a deep and powerful way.

In stimulating the cells to release the toxins the elimination organs can do their job more effectively, improving the overall vitality and energy as the body becomes free of toxins.

In Homeopathy a detox programme is designed specific to your needs to help your body achieve an optimal detox.

Homeopathic remedies can also help

· Improve organ function.

· Decrease fluid retention.

· Encourage better digestion and absorption (less bloating and improved bowel function).

· Improve concentration.

· Balance moods.

· Increase vitality and energy.

· Boost overall improvement of your immune function.

The Homeopathic Detox, Cleanse and Supercharge!

This personalised cleanse and detox programme includes the following:

  • 3 sessions either in person or over a video call within a 1 to 3 month period

  • All prescribed Homeopathic remedies and Homeobotanical tinctures

  • Bioresonance body scan to identify organs needing support shortfalls in vitamins and intolerances to foods.

Normal price is £225, current offer of £170 to be paid in full or in two payments of £85.

This is not a diet! Consider it a way to supercharge a natural cleanse for your body

It’s so important to look at the foundations of your health and heal your body from the inside out. Your body needs a break, a chance to clear the toxins and reset itself towards wellness. A detox isn’t a magic solution for all diseases but it is a positive first step towards better health.

3 Sessions either in person or over video call (Sessions take place within 1 to 3 months)

All Remedies and tinctures are included

Resources on self-help strategies including detoxing physically, environmentally and emotionally, healthynd lifestyle.

Normal price: £225

Current Offer: £170 (paid up front or 2 payments of £85)


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