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Why on earth does a Homeopath ask such random questions?

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

When I tell people what I do I often get puzzled looks or people ask what on earth Homeopathy is or why they would use it.

I don’t mind people asking as I’m used to it after over 16 years in practice.

Some people may have an idea of what homeopathy is because of what they have heard or read in the media, and that’s okay too. I just get on with my job working with all my patients who have been helped by homeopathy.

Coming to see me

Homeopathy works alongside mainstream medicine and I see people with all forms of ailment in my clinic.

During the consultation you have the opportunity to tell me in as much detail as you feel comfortable with, what exactly is bothering you and how it’s affecting you.

I then ask you more detailed questions to get a really good understanding of you and your situation. These questions are about fitting together pieces of a jigsaw, which help me to understand you as a whole person, not just as a symptom. This jigsaw then helps me to find the best remedy for you and to form a plan of action to support you to an improved level of health and wellbeing.

Questions might seem random as they won’t necessarily related to why you have come to see me. I will ask about your sleep, digestion, energy, your emotional state, hormones, what you like to eat and so on.

It is then my job to put these pieces of the jigsaw together and work out what is happening and why. The next part is to put together a treatment using the right remedies to stimulate the body to begin healing.

As we are all individual and have different life experiences which have brought us to where we are at this time, the remedies you receive are completely tailored for you, which is why my questions can seem a bit haphazard!

I have a bottomless selection of remedies that I use daily and look a bit like a lopsided bag lady when I enter the clinic each morning! Alongside the remedies, I also use Homeobotanicals which are combinations of organic herbs that support the body in their own right and compliment homeopathic remedies in their action. Often there may be a need to look at the need for any supplements or changes in your diet, then I will advise and help with that too.

You can come and ask me to help support you for ailments that have just started to affect you, or troubled you for some time. It can be a physical or a mental and emotional complaint; each person is individual in their symptoms and their need for help and support.

Take the next step

If you would like my help with something you would like to discuss how homeopathy can work for you, please do get in touch.

With gratitude

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