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You made me cry.....

I received this message from a client recently, I know, it sounds terrible that I would be pleased that one of my clients has been tearful doesn’t it!

Having been a homeopath for almost 20 years, I generally know how someone’s body is going to respond to a remedy (although I still struggle with Imposter Syndrome at times and feel like I’m winging it!!) When this patient came to see me, I could see that there was a lot of unexpressed emotions held in her body and I knew that her prescription was going to encourage, support and allow her body to unblock and release the years of suppressed emotion.

We talked at length about how remedies support us to heal in a way that our individual bodies feel able to. This isn’t always comfortable, which is why I always encourage my patients to have an open dialogue with me in between appointments, so that they remain supported throughout.

In turn, this patient understood that despite having a day or two of feeling tearful and down, this was her body responding positively to the remedy I had given her and that this was a sign that she was on her path to healing.

The human body as an innate desire to find homeostasis, balance and health. Homeopathy helps to guide and support this process, whilst conventional medicine acts to suppress symptoms in an attempt to ‘cure’.

Healing is indeed a process and seeing a Homeopath for ‘maintenance support’ is something many of my patients benefit from, to keep them physically and emotionally balanced and in good health.

We are so used to seeing a doctor or taking medicine until our symptoms improve, that we often overlook the need to support the body on an ongoing basis to keep us healthy.

This is where Homeopathy can help, by seeing your practitioner just 3 or 4 times a year is enough to keep your body balanced. Homeopaths use ‘constitutional prescribing’ to help your body support itself, using additional remedies as and when required to address any symptoms that may crop up from acute ill health.

It isn’t always necessary to book a full appointment either. For all of us, life is busy and finding time to come for an appointment whereby we are prioritising our health and wellbeing is the first thing we all drop from the diary – me included!

It is however, often possible for us to find time for a 20-minute phone appointment, which I also offer people. Within this call I can prescribe and post out a remedy that will help and support until such time an appointment doesn’t feel like a luxury of time whereby you are prioritising your health and yourself.

With gratitude

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